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I would also like to mention that it would be nice to have a limit on the amount of resource one signal train can have. Because in theory you could use just one signal train to gather all resource on the map including the production of computronium (this would destroy the idea on self-replicating). Also it would be interesting to have a more costly signal train for different resource (one for Si and a different one for Zn) based on some manufacturing idea with the use of other machines.


This is brilliant. You really need to think how to split the trains signals. I am looking forward for more content. I can imagine building large automation systems with factories, new types of signals, sorting system, very interesting machines. Keep working on this amazing game. I also build something similar but quite a different abstract simulator where the floor of the factory is made of a smart LED that gives instruction to small bots that reads the floor instruction and moves and builds various things. A system without conveyors where all the manufacturing instructions are inside the factory floor.   


Rebind (r) to some other key. It is incredibly frustrating to spend time setting up a network only to accidentally graze (r) when trying to purchase another (t)rain, resulting in the entire game being (r)eset. Otherwise, a fun little simulation.

Thanks for playing! Yeah sorry about that - it definitely does make the keyboard into a minefield D: This game is a jam but I can look at that issue once the review phase is finished then re-upload an updated version.

Awesome. Good luck! I only stumbled on yesterday and played your game before I knew what a jam was... Your entry is meditative and it left me wanting more maps, objectives, and functionality!