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Unsatisfied with the computing power the AI unit had managed to muster by converting the entire Earth’s garbage into quantum computers in the service of mining cryptocurrency - the AI unit turns its attention skyward - designing, fabricating and launching a Von Neumann probe containing a piece of itself in search of new planets to harvest resources and generate more and more computing power:


Very low FPS at endgame. (May be missed particles cleanup) Make end unbeatable turn based and grindy.


neat little game, kinda long but that's what the cheats are for


bout half way through and loving it so far!!


Is there a downloadable version?

Yep - just added a Windows executable just now!


I had fun destroying the garbage, but afterwards I ended up getting stuck between the five rooms. I seemed like I wasn't able to do anything with the garbage that was destroyed on the walls. Did I miss something? (I couldn't figure out how to get the right mouse button to work.) Otherwise, the art was good and simple and the music was intense. I felt the pressure from the music, which in this case was a good thing because there is no timer.  The music kept pushing me forward to look for new ways around the world. Great Game!

Thanks for playing! I didn’t have time to implement a tutorial so apologies that you got stuck.

Once you collect 100 bits of tech (the number at the top left that increases every time you destroy some garbage)  you can build solar arrays on the cleared-out blue outdoor plots of land. These charge up and can give you an extra-powerful shot that can clear through garbage quicker, you can charge up by right-clicking once a solar array has filled up. This charged shot can by used to power the green mining rigs you can find around the map. When you power-up the green rigs, they slowly generate cryptocurrency - when they turn white you can click on them to pick it up, and drop it in one of the two yellow conduits on the map so that you can use it to buy things with. You can buy more mining rigs on the indoor plots of land  with this cryptocurrency, to make more crptocurrency faster! If you earn enough you can build shells for human conciousness on the orange indoor plots 👍

I’m glad you enjoyed it - personally my favourite part is building a whole load of solar arrays so that you can nearly always become charged by clicking the right mouse button, and blasting my way through garbage or recharging my mining rigs  at lightning speed!