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how do i make art like this>???


Not sure how to answer that! I used Photoshop to create the image assets and the 'Hall of Mirrors' effect was created as a consequence of using a camera in GameMaker Studio 2 and not having a background texture and making sure the application surface isn't refreshed between steps.

If you mean more generally than specifically, then the only advice I can give is do the thing you love doing and keep doing it until you're good at it.

awesome, only problem you die easly from speed boot crash thing with spikes

I'm all over that animation at the start! Really nice lead in. Something very compelling about tidying this disgrace of a HD, with those cheeky little files getting in the way everywhere. 

The memory leak effect is a great touch, and makes for some delicious glitch art even when you're just messing about outside of the map. 

Definitely would love to duke it out some more with Clippy though... fuck that guy.