[PC][1990s] Can you help me find out what became of this prototype?


PC - Windows


Text-based adventure/(horror?)

Estimated year of release:

Early 90s

Graphics/art style:

Black screen with spooky red and white text

Notable characters:

'A stranger', 'The Pale Aristocrat ', 'The Weird Man'

Notable gameplay mechanics:

Type in commands to perform actions in the game. Move from room to room in a house and interact with things in the different rooms. Try to escape the house.

Other details:

Okay - bit of a weird one - I was helping to clear out my parent's attic and found a bunch of old CDs of old DOS and Windows games. I also found CD-Rs with some Macromedia files on which look like bits of prototype game files. Stuff like pong and solitaire and breakout clones. Most of them wouldn't run but there was one of these prototypes called 'GWUHH' that feels familiar and I swear I've played before but I can't find anything about it online or on this subreddit.

Anyway - long story short I've managed to get it running in DOSbox - it can get a bit laggy at times but as far as I can tell it's totally playable. Has anyone played this game before? It's really creepy and I'm convinced it was an actual released game at some point but I have no idea when or what company.

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TagsHorror, Text based

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