- Keyboard randomly doesn't work when you start up the game. Try either clicking somewhere in the game window (should enable the keyboard) - or refreshing the page and running the game again, making sure to click in the game window before you get to typing. Sorry - no idea why it's doing this and I can't update the game right now because it's submitted for a Jam.


  • Click on words in the market to buy them.
  • Words with lots of vowels in will be more expensive to buy.
  • Words with rare letters in (e.g. Q,X,Z) will be cheap to buy.
  • The words are then broken down into scrap (i.e. their individual letters) and are ready to be recombined in your workshop.
  • Use the keyboard to type out valid English words.
  • Press return to sell the word.
  • Words that have lots of rare letters in will sell for more.
  • Not turning a profit? Try buying fewer vowels and try to craft words with rare letters and lots of consonants.
  • Not enough funds to continue? You've lost! Press shift+tab to restart.
  • This game has no end - just keep playing and craft some very long fancy words for as long as you like!


Art / Code / SFX:
Luke No Further

Walking in the Sky - Nico Staf

Made for the 2021 GMTK Game Jam


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Why can't I type anything

Sorry - I think the keyboard input stops working in fullscreen mode. Can’t reupload an updated version for now since the Game Jam is still on.

We found that if you click on it to take focus while it's loading, then the keyboard will work :)