Trapped in the gravity well of a galactic black hole

You must gather fuel to survive
And spend fuel to upgrade your ship
Then look for a way to break free

WASD or Arrow keys to move


Psst - if you're reviewing in a hurry, here's a few cheats:
Hold 'f' - Replenish [F]uel
Hold ' c' - Increase [C]apacity
Mousewheel - Change Viewport


Apologies for the lag on the HTML5 version
Try the Windows one for the silkysmoothiest experience


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Nomad v7 - 17 MB


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Coolest way to escape: Hitch a ride on a derelict capital ship.  For whatever reason, they're not affected by gravity nor collisions with you so they won't slow down.  You need an invincibilty powerup (the blinky fuel star thing) and a cruiser set up to give you a second one after the first wears off to make it work, though.