A hypothetical material engineered to maximize its use as a computing substrate.

A lone Von Neumann probe crash lands on a long abandoned planet and sets out collecting and converting all its raw materials. Its goal to create a universe of planet-sized living computers to calculate an impossible Theorem.


WASD - movement, hold SHIFT for more speed
SPACEBAR - add/remove waypoints for drones to follow
SPACEBAR - on building/plot - build/activate building


A work in progress, bringing together the gameplay in Computronium, Letter Lab and Zero Point Energy Inc.

Not very balanced and lacks an endgame but please tinker and enjoy. Probably best off playing Computronium, Letter Lab and Zero Point Energy inc. first.

Music used:

Signal To Noise by Scott Buckley |

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Creative Commons / Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

StatusIn development
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Made withGameMaker: Studio

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