// WASD - Movement
// Space - Place waypoint, then WASD to set its direction
// Press space on an existing waypoint to delete it

// Shift - Hold to move faster
// Backspace - Remove all waypoints 
// M - Toggle mute

For those who enjoyed Letter Lab, here's a mini-expansion involving Numbers and Mathematics!*

*Disclaimer: This is not really how mathematics works.

Zero is nothing? But if 1 + -1 = Zero, then why couldn't you split Zero into 1 and -1? Well, now we're getting somewhere... 

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TagsAbstract, Casual, cosy, Endless, Math, Minimalist, Relaxing


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When I hit ENTER screen changes to tutorial but suddenly goes entirely black after a second. I can go through all tutorial if i hit enter several times in a rapid manner. Using Chrome.

Great math puzzle :)